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Welcome to EtherArts.Org!!

Ether Arts is an Arts and Education 501C3 Organization which provides Helpful Tools, in person and online live Workshops,  Original Shows, Documentaries and Podcasts and other Resources to our worldwide community to help them Heal, Rejuvenate, and Create Magical Art that Educates and Inspires!  

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Donate via:
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Where the tax deductible donations go: 
We currently have 3 Tiers of our Organization: 


1st Tier:  
We are offering live original shows and
interactive Q and A's  to audiences and students around the world
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2nd Tier:  
We are offering meditation/creative writing and performance workshops to students around the world  centered around the intersectionality of mental health, creating a spiritual practice, mindfulness and creative arts education. Sometimes we will partner with other organizations to raise money for at risk communities.
3rd Tier:  Creating and releasing episodes of the Award Winning podcast “See One Beautiful Soul”
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