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In order to grow in this world, Kids need to develop skills in teamwork, adaptability, self-control, memorization, problem solving, critical thinking, self expression skills, and find ways to make friends and allies in different situations.

Because of the drastic uptick in use of Smart Phones and online gaming, Children today are experiencing more: Sedentary behavior, insomnia, social anxiety, depression, body aches, and challenges with self expression than every before.

Page to Stage Performers was started by Barbara Heller in 2008, in order to challenge kids of all ages to learn and improve on new techniques in the areas of self expression, imagination, creative writing, mindfulness, public speaking, singing, improvisation, movement and dance.  Come to Page to Stage to learn more about the Arts and Yourself!

Take a look at the classes we offer and email us with any questions! 

We are currently setting up in person classes at parks and schools in Boca Raton, FL as well as adding more to our online Live Zoom Classes.  Stay Tuned! 


The Why behind
Page to Stage Performers

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