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Three Women

Its Time to Retreat

Meditate & Create

1 Day Workshops
3 Day Retreats

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Women Holding Hands

We Meditate

We Create

We Share


Through a series of Guided Meditations, Breathwork, and Creative Writing Exercises we will allow ourselves to notice and let go of the challenges that may still be with us.


Through partner work as well as some guided Artistic Exercises we will be allowing our Creative Voice to Shine Through.  You will uncover your own biggest lessons and how these will become your next Creative Endeavors!

Get ready to be blown away by your own Magic.  In the Speak my Magic portion of the Retreats you will unlock the power you yourself have to Speak beyond wherever you've spoken before! 

When was the last time you took some time to go deeper within and then SHARE your findings in a safe, fun, CREATIVE, and sacred way?

Join Barbara Heller, Artist and Educator, for a Meditate and Create Workshop and watch the Magic that happens in your own notebook!  Wear comfy clothing and please bring a water bottle, notebook & writing utensil.   

All workshops can be tailored to fit different age groups 

For Kids 3-17, as well as Adults ages 18-108

Workshops to Choose from:


Mindful Morning Meditation:  This workshop combines Mindful Guided Meditations, light yoga stretching, journaling, and aromatherapy. Pending on Time allotted and weather this workshop can easily be 

taken outdoors on a hike. 

Mining for Your Gold - Mindful Creative Writing Workshop: Mindful Guided Meditations, Creative Writing exercises, and breathing exercises will spark creativity in participants  and free the mind to begin the creative process or continue along with a creative project one may already be working on.  Bring any projects you may already be working on with you! Sometimes this can include Painting as well!

Mindful Musical Soul Service: Barbara leads a Spiritual Singalong Workshop filled with meditations, beautiful easy to learn tunes, and stories. (unlimited number of attendees).  Barbara can prep a small choir in your community –for a small additional cost have a rehearsal with a few members via skype to get them ready for the songs shared during this experience.  This workshop also can easily add on a “Let’s Songwrite together!” section.  (Synagohue Previous Programs have included: Kabbalat Shabbat, Morning Shacharit Service, Havdalah, or Motzei Shabbat Concert Jams and Talent Shows) .  Inter-faith Dialogue and Concerts can also be arranged!

Custom Comedy Performance: Barbara performs pieces of her Original Musical, Messianic Moments & Cosmic Conversations which include comedic monologues, songs, and interactive improv games.   

This program works great for a  Community Gathering, Gala, or Fundraiser and can be tailor-made for your event.

Bring a Live Taping of See One Beautiful Soul to Your Organization! 

Watch a Live Taping of the Award Winning Podcast See One Beautiful Soul! You provide the space to showcase, we will bring the recording equipment, Host, and Guests!

Usually followed by a Q and A that can be taped for the Podcast release!



RS (fellow teacher): Barbara has a Growth Mindset and teaches her students how to do so as well.  Her motto is: “I’m willing to grow, face what I don’t know that I don’t know, what I do know that I don’t want to know.” She has a hunger to learn. She is very committed to her teaching and her artwork.  Her Music, Acting, Teaching, is 100%.  She is a Great Communicator. She perseveres. She shows up.  She is a Truth Teller and Sincere. 


Edna (Teen student): Barb is a wonderful Educator and writes fun curriculum! I was able to grow in her classes on spirituality and meditation. She helped me grow as a person.


Hannah (Teen Student): Barb is a great mentor. She helped me get through a very difficult time in my life. I learned so much from her about how to develop tools to deal with the difficulties in life but also how to express myself creatively. 


JR (Student and a Mom): Barb is really good at instructing as a teacher. I FEEL her content...She puts connecting with her students above even the content. She’ll find a way to reach each person, hear them and engage them. She combines educating with entertaining and gets through to people by finding what each person needs to connect to the material.


Jaime C (Student and a Mom): Barb is a kind hearted soul. She is 

someone that practices what she preaches.

She is so genuine and true! She is very compassionate about helping others through their own struggles. She is open, honest, and down to earth. People can relate to her and appreciate her realness. She is beyond talented in singing, acting, being creative. She is great with adults and kids and just being the best individual that she can be. Everyday she strives to be better.


Meg (Adult Student and colleague): She has great communication skills. She is honest, transparent and great with boundaries and helping others to do the same.  She is comfortable asking difficult questions to others and it opens up great dialogue that is very much needed in this world. 

Rachel (Adult Student and Fellow Educator): Barb is great at facilitating classes and getting people to get in touch with their spirituality.  She is great at connecting with her audience and seems to get what each individual group needs. She is Magical on stage.

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