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Film & TV by Barbaila Productions

Barbara can often be found on the street talking to strangers about how to save the world while her camera rolls it into scenes for her next Documentary. She has a deep curiosity for what helps people heal from trauma and what inspires us. Most of her content- Documentaries, Web Series, Original Songs, Sketch Comedy, Live Comedy and Cabaret Shows, and her Clubhouse Discussions circle around "How can we connect more deeply to ourselves, each other, and to the Divine?" 

 Her content is usually funny. musical, and inspires people to take more positive action to heal ourselves and the world around us.

You also may have heard her voice on the big and small screens in films like The Heat, Kung Fu Panda 3, on TV Shows like Vampirina, and Kung Fu Panda, or All Hail King Julien on Dreamworks TV, and in commercials as the voice of Clorox 2 and ChillyCow Ice Cream.  She does the impression of over 65 different celebrities and often has been hired to "Kasher" movies by turning bad words into clean words to be played for the airplane screen. 


Her voice can also be found singing her original gospel pop songs on Spotify as well as her original funny songs and sketches on IG and Youtube. 


You can pick up one of her many audio books which her voice is featured on: And Then One Day the World Coughed -her original title, Who Was Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Hero by Rhonda Byrne, But Like Maybe Don't, and The Ambition Decisions to name a few.

Some of the Films Barbara Heller and her Voice Over work can be Found- Filmography Collage .jpg
Filmography Collage BH.jpg
Directed by Barbara Heller Cinematography by Jon Latona Music and Lyrics by Barbara Heller
You Are Gold - Music Video
Breaking Open - Movie Poster
[Original size] [Original size] United Accords International and Troops for Truce
Why Do People Smoke_ - A Short Documentary
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