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Courses, Coachings, Retreats, and Workshops 

Take a gander at the offerings below to inspire you to Create, Heal, and Commune in

Magical Ways! 

Courses and Coaching

Make Space for the Magical is an 8 week live online course that provides a safe warm loving creativity lab for adults to share their creative ideas and any fears that may be keeping you stuck. You’ll learn how to get to the other side of your story and create more magical things in this world. At the same time you’ll learn how to love and accept yourself just a bit more and make new friends in a loving supportive community along the journey. 

1-3 Day Workshops

Stay tuned to register for live in person workshops near you! 

Want to Learn More about Coaching with Barbara? 

Please be advised of our Policy for Coaching Sessions, Workshops, Online courses, & Retreats: click on the correct payment link on this page above.
Payments for Coaching Sessions, Workshops, Online courses, are to be made at least 48 hrs in adv. and are non-refundable within 48 hours of their start time.

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