Barbara's Bio

The voice of Mei Mei from the Kung Fu Panda TV series and Clorox 2,  Barbara can often be found on the street talking to strangers about deep subjects while her camera rolls it into scenes for her next Documentary. She has a deep curiosity for what helps people heal from trauma and what is inspiring us as we move forward. Most of her content- the Documentaries, Songs that she writes, Sketch Comedy on Instagram and Youtube, and her Clubhouse Discussions circle around those questions. 


 She hosts a podcast under the same name as her Clubhouse Club, "See One Beautiful Soul" which tackles the subjects of "Forgiveness" and "Tools for How to Live a Life of More Freedom”.  Her content is funny and inspires people to take more action so that we can become more connected to ourselves, each other, and to Source. She teaches Online Classes and In person Workshops to groups and sometimes 1:1 in the area of Opening Up to what your Creative Voice wants to say next, and Voice Over Demos! Get her book on Amazon, And Then One Day the World Coughed, watch her award winning short films and music videos at


You can find links to everything here 

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