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Barbara Heller

Barbara Heller is an award winning actress, voice over artist, podcaster, filmmaker, songwriter, playwright, and educator.  She is also a published author.   

Subscribe to her award winning podcast See One Beautiful Soul  here.

She tours with her One Woman Show as well as Transformational Q and As and Workshops leading people in Deep Conversation, Meditations, Laughter, and Song!


She also Creates Meditation & Creativity Workshops that Ignite her Students' Imaginations, Allow for Great Healing, and Growth to take place & Unite for the Good in a warm & loving Community!


Learn about her new one woman show here!

Join EtherArts.Org here and start enjoying our Educational Programs and Film and Arts Festivals! Edutainment That Heals, Educates, and Rejuvenates!

Get her first book on Amazon, And Then One Day the World Coughed. 

Learn how to Meditate & Create in one of her Online Workshops

Check out all of her links here


Email her at to book her for Speaking or a Live Performance with Q and A or Meditate and Create Workshop! 

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