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School Kids Meditating

Meditate and Create
Weekly Online Classes

Meditate and Create for Moms

Ready for some ME time? 

Have you been yearning to start that one creative project but just never have the time to do it?

This is the class for you!

There will be guided meditation 🧘‍♀️ , creative writing, sharing our work, support, and healing!

Meditate and Create for Girls!

Learn how to relax when things feel stressful.  Develop your voice as a Creator as you participate in group and solo artistic challenges! This class is super fun and you will grow just by showing up and participating!

Introduction to Voice Over

Have you ever wanted to try doing Animation, Commercials, Video Games?

Learn from a Veteran Voice Over Professional techniques and some tools you can use in auditions and for creating Demos! Ages 10-14!

Waking Up the Dawn

A great way to finish the work week and start the weekend this class is for anyone who wants to learn how to wake up HAPPY and spread and "let the sunshine in"! There will be spiritual verses to read, sing and or chant aloud, walking meditation exercises you can do indoors or outdoors, and a chance to take in the Magic of the Morning!  

Meditate and Sing!

This is a Vocal Performance workshop for anyone who is looking to improve their vocal technique, connecting with their audience and material, and also get over "stage fright".  This class is offered at different times for Kids ages 7-10, 11-14, and also adults.  

Make Your Own Class!

See a class listed here but not for your age group? Want to take one of these classes as a private coaching? Fill out the form below and share from your heart! We would love to hear from you!

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