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Its Time to Shine 

Make Space for the Magical is an 8 week live online immersive experience that provides a safe warm loving creativity lab for adults to share their creative ideas and any fears that seem to be keeping you stuck. You’ll learn how to get to the other side of your story & create the magical things you've been wanting to bring into this world. You’ll also learn how to love & accept yourself more & make new friends in the loving supportive community we foster in this safe space. 


Share Your Heart.

Create Magical Content.

Heal & Transform.



“I learned so much about myself, and expressing my inner Voice. Barbara and this work was instrumental in

helping me get very clear on my Creative Goals and what I really want to do."

Kevin B. / YouTube Talk Show Host

“I unblocked myself and found my Confidence again!"

Francis D. / Motivational Speaker &

Founder of Non Profit

Upon enrolling in Speak My Magic I'm feeling a Focused,

Reset of my Soul,

more intentional undivided attention to myself."

J.M. / Educator and Musician


Please be advised of our Policy for Coaching Sessions, Workshops, Online courses, & Retreats: click on the correct payment link on this page above.Payments for Coaching Sessions, Workshops, Online courses, are to be made at least 48 hrs in adv. and are non-refundable within 48 hours of their start time.


RS (fellow teacher): Barbara has a Growth Mindset and teaches her students how to do so as well.  Her motto is: “I’m willing to grow, face what I don’t know that I don’t know, what I do know that I don’t want to know.” She has a hunger to learn. She is very committed to her teaching and her artwork.  Her Music, Acting, Teaching, is 100%.  She is a Great Communicator. She perseveres. She shows up.  She is a Truth Teller and Sincere. 


Edna (Teen student): Barb is a wonderful Educator and writes fun curriculum! I was able to grow in her classes on spirituality and meditation. She helped me grow as a person.


Hannah (Teen Student): Barb is a great mentor. She helped me get through a very difficult time in my life. I learned so much from her about how to develop tools to deal with the difficulties in life but also how to express myself creatively. 


JR (Student and a Mom): Barb is really good at instructing as a teacher. I FEEL her content...She puts connecting with her students above even the content. She’ll find a way to reach each person, hear them and engage them. She combines educating with entertaining and gets through to people by finding what each person needs to connect to the material.

Jaime C (Student and a Mom): Barb is a kind hearted soul. She is 

someone that practices what she preaches.

She is so genuine and true! She is very compassionate about helping others through their own struggles. She is open, honest, and down to earth. People can relate to her and appreciate her realness. She is beyond talented in singing, acting, being creative. She is great with adults and kids and just being the best individual that she can be. Everyday she strives to be better.


Meg (Adult Student and colleague): She has great communication skills. She is honest, transparent and great with boundaries and helping others to do the same.  She is comfortable asking difficult questions to others and it opens up great dialogue that is very much needed in this world. 

Rachel (Adult Student and Fellow Educator): Barb is great at facilitating classes and getting people to get in touch with their spirituality.  She is great at connecting with her audience and seems to get what each individual group needs. She is Magical on stage.

Barb creates a safe space for you to be vulnerable. She allows you to explore what’s holding you back from living your best life in a gentle, kind, and loving way. She is gifted at creating a container for you to allow your untapped creativity to come to the surface without any fear of judgment or shame. She truly is a gift for those seeking to live a more meaningful life connected to our creative God source. 



She gives you a place to air out all of your fears and worries about your insecurities and helps you turn those fears and worries and insecurities into creative projects. She also has a lot of wisdom to share about how to cope with the difficulties in life.


Barbara is so wise. Everyone in the class glows in her energy.  She has a way of igniting everyone to be their best selves.  

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