Speak My Magic


Its Time to Shine 

“Speak My Magic” is an Exclusive Online Club for people who are ready to Reflect and Shine the Greatness in human kind.  


Through our chats/workshops/interviews and performances nestled in a Supportive Space of like minded Souls, we make time to Curate and Create new Content from our IRL (In Real Life) stories.


Share Your Heart.

Create Magical Content.

Heal and Transform.

Right now Barbara Heller is only coaching 1:1 with an online community for previous and current students.  Email her directly to find out more: info@BarbHeller.com


“I learned so much about myself, and expressing my inner Voice. Barbara and this work was instrumental in

helping me get very clear on my Creative Goals and what I really want to do."

Kevin B. / YouTube Talk Show Host

“I unblocked myself and found my Confidence again!"

Francis D. / Motivational Speaker &

Founder of Non Profit

Upon enrolling in Speak My Magic I'm feeling a Focused,

Reset of my Soul,

more intentional undivided attention to myself."

J.M. / Educator and Musician